About the Green Carrier

Introducing the dual-use compostable carrier bag. The greenest bag in Britain!

Unlike ordinary supermarket carrier bags, compostable shopping bags are made from a material called bio plastic. This offers three benefits:

  1. Bio plastic includes plant-based ingredients which are renewable and from a sustainable source.
  2. Compostable bio plastic bags can be reused as food waste kitchen caddy-liners and

along with the food waste.

  • Should the bags be carelessly discarded, they are
  • 100% biodegradable

    in the wider environment.

    The Green Carrier is specifically designed to be reused as a food waste caddy-liner, so it ticks all the boxes.

    Good for Shoppers

    When you buy a Green Carrier at the till you get:

    • A strong eco-friendly shopping bag.
    • A larger than average food waste caddy-liner that meets your council’s quality standards.
    • A no-mess liner with long tie-handles that is easy to secure and to remove from the caddy.
    • Two products for less than the cost of one caddy-liner on a roll.

    Good for Retailers

    • Offering your customers Green Carriers is a cost-neutral solution. You can buy them for 5p and charge 5p.
    • You’ll be offering an eco-friendly biodegradable carrier bag instead of a plastic one.
    • You’ll be helping to remove millions of single-use plastic bags from circulation.
    • We’ll give you free window stickers and product support material.

    Good for The Planet

    • Material composition includes renewable, plant-based materials.
    • Dual-use results in a low carbon footprint.
    • Predictable and eco-friendly method of disposal.
    • The bag has a dedicated second use as a caddy-liner, so it is unlikely to wind up as litter.
    • Biodegradable in the wider environment.
    • Due to their distinctive colour and markings, the bags are unlikely to be accidentally added to plastic recycling streams.
    • Green Carriers help to maintain the quality of residential food waste collections by reducing the risk of plastic contamination.
    • Compared to cheap caddy-liners, the no-mess features of The Green Carrier can increase participation and retention rates.
    • When promoted as a council-approved solution, councils can save the cost of giving away free caddy-liners (which often costs hundreds of thousands of pounds every year).