Carrier bags that double as food waste caddy-liners are the greenest shopping bags that you can buy! The Green Carrier Scheme aims to make them cheap and widely available throughout the UK.

The Green Carrier Scheme

The Green Carrier Scheme is a new initiative to help maintain the quality of residential food waste collections through the promotion of compostable shopping bags that double as caddy-liners.

Our implementation of the scheme in Oldham has been highly successful and we are now looking for other councils and retailers to participate.

If you are a council waste manager and want more information, or if you own a shop in a GCS area and want to join the scheme, please get in touch using the contact form.

To find out which shops have joined the scheme, see the map on our members page.

Latest News

The GCS compostable bag gets a makeover

Our compostable carrier bag/caddy-liner now has a new look.

New GCS Bag News Banner

The official GCS compostable bag now features a distinctive 'Green Carrier' branding and it has been updated to accomodate the English bag levy.

The original design created for Oldham Council carried the council logo and the bag was offered at a subsidised price to encourage participation. The bag levy now requires a minimum of 5p to be charged, so the council has agreed a 6p retail price with local stockists. This is in line with the price charged by The Co-operative who also sell their own branded version of the bags.

Even at 6p, buying a 'Green Carrier' for shopping and reusing it as a caddy-liner is great value and it still costs around half the price of buying a caddy-liner on a roll.

Check out our members page for a map of GCS bag stockists.