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Oldham Council trials Green Carrier Scheme

By investing in the GCS, Oldham Council hope to reduce their food waste contamination issues.

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Oldham Council is the first UK council to undertake a trial of the Green Carrier Scheme. Around 25 local retailers have been asked to take part in the pilot project which starts in November 2013.

The GCS carrier-liners should be available to buy in participating shops by the weekend of the 30th. Oldham council have subsidised the retail price so that shoppers can buy the double-use bags at the till for just 3p each.

Over the past few months, Oldham council's waste manager Mark Husdan (pictured above) has been working closely with retailers and community leaders to encourage residents to buy a few of the bags when they go shopping. Retailers will be able to order supplies through a special website for direct delivery to their shop.

Mark is already a fan of compostable carrier-liners. In 2010 he was instrumental in forming the council's partnership with The Co-operative which encouraged residents to buy The Co-operative Compostable Carrier. The new GCS carrier-liner is more or less the same design and specification as the one developed for the Co-operative, so Mark knows that they will be popular with residents.

If you live in the Oldham area you can check out the membership map on this website to see a list of the stockists taking part in the trial.

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The GCS in a nutshell

GCS Nutshell Thumb
The Green Carrier Scheme is a new initiative to minimise contamination of valuable food waste.

Oldham Council trials Green Carrier Scheme

Oldham GCS Pilot news thumb
By investing in the GCS, Oldham Council hope to reduce their food waste contamination issues.

The greenest reusable bags you can buy!

GCS Residents Thumb
Carrier-liners are strong shopping bags and no-mess caddy liners rolled into one.

How the GCS can benefit retailers

Retailers Thumb
Selling GCS subsidised carrier-liners is good business for shops that join the scheme.